Cheap taxi in Moscow

Taxi "Moskvichka" offers quick and easy way to order a taxi in Moscow and the Moscow region, online. The car will arrive at your specified location in a matter of minutes. You can place an order by calling the specified phone number or by filling out an application directly on the website.

"Moskvichka" - Economically, comfortably and without delay!

Order through our app, which is available for Android and iOS users.

Application Taxi "Moskvichka" has several advantages as cashbacks, bonuses, travel history and insurance of passengers.

Order a taxi at a fixed price
Taxi "Moskvichka" offers quick and easy way to order a taxi in Moscow and the Moscow region, online. The car will arrive at the specified place in 10-15 minutes.

Book a taxi if you:

  • Look for an inexpensive, safe and reliable taxi in Moscow
  • Decided to relax in nature with friends
  • Meet an important guest from the airport

Choose the best rate for you

  • Calculation of the cost of the trip by mileage - the price is fixed in advance and does not change from the time spent on the road
  • Time rate-depending on traffic jams in Moscow prices may vary, we recommend to order at night or in those directions where traffic is not overloaded
  • Outside Moscow, on the MR and at airports are only fixed prices for km.

Methods of ordering

Click on the "Order" button, fill in the order form in the opened window and wait for a confirmation call from the operator.

Fill in the order form and wait for the confirmation call from the operator.
Call +7(495) 258-67-69 and our operators will serve you promptly.

What makes us special?

We work 24/7 seven days a week and arrive without delay.

We guarantee the safety and integrity of your Luggage and a comfortable trip.

We have high quality and competitive service, low prices in Moscow airports.

Why choose a fixed rate?
You do not have to pay for the time spent in traffic jams and the price will remain unchanged.
You can compare the rates of different companies and choose a suitable one.
The driver can not extend the route, because the price for the trip does not depend on the mileage.


В нашем сервисе можно заказать такси онлайн - просто заполните форму заказа, и наш оператор в считанные секунды свяжется с вами.