Taxi to Moscow airports at a fixed price


Book a taxi from anywhere in Moscow to Domodedovo, Sheremetevo, Zhukovsky and Vnukovo airports at fixed rates.

  • If there are fixed prices, traffic jams or travel speed will not add to the final fare.
  • Passengers can pre-know the price of travel.
  • Any increase in tariffs during emergency situations is excluded.
  • The driver is not profitable to extend the route, as the price for the trip does not depend on the mileage.

Fares to the airport

district   Sheremetyevo
Economy / Comfort 
Economy / Comfort
Economy / Comfort
Economy / Comfort
CAR 850/1000 800/950 800/950 950/1100
NAR 900/1050 750/900 850/1000 1000/1150
NEAR 900/1050 800/950 850/1000 1000/1150
EAR 850/1000 800/950 850/1000 1000/1150
SEAR 800/950 850/1000 800/950 950/1100
SAO 800/950 850/1000 800/950 950/1100
SВАР 800/950 850/1000 650/800 950/1100
WAR 850/1000 800/950 750/900 900/1050
NWAR 1000/1150 750/900 800/950 1000/1150

What you need to know when ordering a taxi to the airport

  • If you have children, do not forget to warn about this when ordering a taxi, tick the additional options - Booster / child seat (150rub.). This will ensure the safe transfer of children and you will be able to avoid a fine of up to 3000 rubles for travel with children without a child seat;
  • If you need a receipt, which contains all the necessary data and the amount of payment for the trip, when ordering, tick " cheque demand" ;
  • If you travel to the airport in a large group and want to book a taxi minivan, it is recommended to book in advance - at least 1 hour in advance< / span>;
  • When ordering a taxi to the airport, you should specify the flight departure or arrival, so that our driver can track the flight and meet you or your guest on time;

Our advantage

  • We have calculated the best prices for safe and high-quality transfer to Moscow airports.
  • Our cars twice a year pass inspection and safety control. What's more, we update the old machines.
  • Our drivers are selected only after the probation period, and there are only the best.
  • When ordering through the app there are additional discounts and cashback.
  • The cost in other directions can be easily calculated directly on the website using a special form.
  • Our drivers have many years of experience, which makes it easy to navigate in motion.

Transfer between airports

This service is a rare case, as Moscow is the crossroads of many travelers and through Moscow airports there are many international transit flights.

трансфер в аэропорт

Very often come to one of the airports (for example, in Vnukovo) and the passenger has an urgent flight at another airport (for example, in Domodedovo), or need an urgent transfer between the terminals. Then you need an inexpensive but comfortable taxi that will transfer between the airports quickly and without delay.

Fixed price for transfers between the airports of Moscow

Sheremetevo D,F,E Sheremetevo E,F,D 650
Sheremetevo Vnukovo 1300
Sheremetevo Domodedovo 1400
Vnukovo Domodedovo 1200
Bikovo Domodedovo 1400
Sheremetevo Bikovo 1500
Vnukovo Bikovo 1200

Prices include 30 minutes of waiting. Excluding the cost of Parking.

Meeting at the airport with a tablet

Our driver will be waiting for you with a tablet with Your name and will guide you to the taxi, if necessary, helping with things. Cost of service: Meeting at the airport with a sign = 200 rubles.

You are a busy man, and you have important guests who need to meet and comfortably take to your destination? Of course, this case is not easy, because not everyone can trust the meeting of an important guest. We will help you to solve this problem! Book with us the service Meeting with a sign< / span> at the airport, and our professional driver with great willingness to perform a transfer from Moscow airports.

We also have an additional service, which is often used when meeting at the airport – English speaking driver. (service price +100 RUB.)

In Moscow there are four existing major international airport and two small. Directions to Vnukovo, Sheremetevo, Domodedovo and Zhukovsky airports are the most popular among passengers and, accordingly, require special attention. Arrange a taxi to the airport and we will carry out transfers to the airport, plus providing full services like meeting at the airport, transfer between airports or terminals.


More about passenger transportation by taxi in Zhukovsky . Fixed prices in all directions in Moscow from 950 rubles and outside the Moscow (in the Moscow region) from 1000 rubles see here.



Taxi service "Moskvichka" offers a comfortable and inexpensive transfer to Domodedovo airport and back. The transfer is carried out by professional drivers and quality cars. In addition to free services, you can also include paid additional services in the order.



Having earned the trust of our customers, we provide transfers to Vnukovo airport, offering a comfortable and inexpensive trip with a professional driver and quality cars, if necessary, provide a wide range of additional services that will make your trip comfortable and convenient.


Taxi service "Moskvichka" offers a taxi to Sheremetyevo airport at the most convenient prices and all the necessary services that you may need when traveling to the airport. We also provide transfer from / to Sheremetevo airport, as well as transfer Sheremetevo - Vnukovo, Sheremetevo – Domodedovo and back.


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