A taxi to the airport Vnukovo

Having earned the trust of our customers, we provide transfers to Vnukovo airport, offering a comfortable and inexpensive trip with a professional driver and quality cars, if necessary, provide a wide range of additional services that will make your trip comfortable and convenient.

Taxi to Vnukovo

We provide transfers to Vnukovo airport with the highest quality cars of different classes, such as economy, business or minivan. Our drivers have many years of safe driving experience. They skillfully cope with the Moscow traffic and quickly take you to the airport. But to make sure you are not late for your flight, our managers will track Your flight and give a taxi taking into account the time and all kinds of delays.

NEAR 850 1000 1200 1700
EAR 850 1000 1200 1700
SEAR 800 950 1150 1650
EAR 800 950 1150 1650
SWAR 650 800 1000 1500
ЗАО 750 900 1100 1600
NWAR 800 950 1150 1650
CAR 800 950 1150 1650
NAR 850 1000 1200 1700

If you need additional services (English speaking driver, child seat, assistance with Luggage, etc.) or a receipt for the trip, please notify the driver in advance.

Meeting - taxi from Vnukovo

Meeting at the airport is one of the most popular taxi services at the present time. Today, life has become very dynamic and not everyone has time to meet guests. So the majority of people rely on this taxi services. Our professional driver with a sign will meet Your guest and escort you to your destination. You can order a taxi from Vnukovo airport, if you need to meet you, then take to the station, or to other airports in Moscow (for example, transfer Vnukovo-Domodedovo, transfer Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo) or wherever you need.

Meeting at the airport = fix. price + 100 RUB.

Important! If there are difficulties, for example, with the delay of the flight, the driver can wait no more than 30 minutes, then for waiting in the Parking lot, the client pays.

Fixed price advantage

Prices in Moscow airports, including Vnukovo airport, are fixed. This is done to ensure that our client does not overpay for the trip. Between the airports and the city center is a very long distance, if we consider the mileage, it turns out a large amount.

A little about the airport

One of the oldest airports in Moscow &ndash is Vnukovo. It is the least loaded, despite the fact that the first persons of the country carry out flights from here. From the city centre, Vnukovo airport is approximately 39.5 kilometres and the journey takes approximately 60-65 minutes. All interested in which transport they can reach Vnukovo. Of course, buses, metro and Aeroexpress trains go there. But this way cannot be called close, to go by public transport to the airport is very tedious, as often in airports or back you go with a lot of Luggage, with children, sometimes with the company, and it takes about two hours, or even more, given the congestion of roads and traffic jams. So the most popular transport in this direction is a taxi to Vnukovo and back. We will help to solve all the problems at once-we will track the route for free, help with Luggage, meet You or your guest, comfortably take you to your destination.

The timetable of the airport Vnukovo


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