Taxi to Zhukovsky airport

Taxi Moskvichka offers a taxi service to the airport Zhukovsky. We perform two-way transfers to Zhukovsky airport and back. Transfers are performed by professional drivers and quality cars at low fixed rates. We also provide transfer from / to Sheremetyevo airport, as well as transfer between airports.

Fixed prices in Zhukovsky

Prices in Zhukovsky in our service are fixed and calculated by our experts as the minimum rate for ensuring a safe and comfortable trip to the airport. The fixed rate is very advantageous because the passenger can know the price in advance and compare it with the prices of other services.

NEAR 1100 1250 1450 1950
EAR 1000 1150 1350 1850
SEAR 1000 1150 1350 1850
SAR 1000 1150 1350 1850
NWAR 1000 1150 1350 1850
SAR 1100 1250 1450 1950
NWAR 1200 1350 1550 2050
NAR 1200 1350 1550 2050
CAR 1100 1250 1450 1950
DOMODEDOVO 1100 1250 1450 1950
SHEREMETEVO 1750 1900 2100 2600
VNUKOVO 1400 1550 1750 2250

Taxi to Zhukovsky

Taxi Moskvichka offers services for a trip to the airport Zhukovsky. The transfer to the airport includes free flight tracking, delivery of the car on time, safe and comfortable transportation to the airport by a professional driver, unloading of your Luggage. If necessary, our service will provide additional services to ensure the full comfort of our passengers.

Final price = fix. price + additional services

A taxi from the airport Zhukovsky

Transfer from Zhukovsky is one of the most popular services we have. It often happens that dear people, relatives, important guests should come and there is no one to meet them. We will help you and arrange a comfortable and safe transfer from Zhukovsky airport to your desired location. Meeting at the airport Zhukovsky performed by professionals; competent drivers will organize your route, and will do everything to quickly and without interference to take you or your guest to your destination.

The total price of the trip = fixed. Price + 100 RUB (meeting) + 100 RUB (meeting with a sign)

A little about Zhukovsky airport

Zhukovsky airport is the newest airport in Moscow. It was opened because of the congestion of other airports, and many prefer this airport. But it is the farthest from CAR (43.2 km) and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get there.

The subway, bus, Aeroexpress and of course a taxi get there. Taking a public transport is long, uncomfortable and very tiring and when you consider that you have Luggage, children, it becomes a cause of conflict and stress. Most people prefer to overpay a little, but to get to the airport without nervous excesses. You don't have to worry, we'll take care for You.

The timetable of Zhukovsky airport


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