FAQ about the coordinated work of taxi "Moskvichka"!

How to order a taxi online?

In order to call a taxi via the Internet, you need to fill out an application form on a special page of the site.Online taxi orders & nbsp;are processed as quickly as applications by phone.

Order a taxi online or by phone?

Ordering a taxi online is very convenient. In this case, the client independently fills in the application form. Specifies where to go, how much you need a car, whether you need a child seat, whether there is Luggage and much more. If the client makes & nbsp;order a taxi to the airport, then notes it.

All data entered by the customer are recorded in the order form. Therefore, the possibility of an error is excluded.  in turn, we will not leave your order unnoticed. Within 3 minutes after sending it, our Manager will call You.

How quickly taxi is served in Moscow?

We try to meet the needs of customers, regardless of their location. In this case, if the taxi order in Moscow and the Moscow Region is urgent, we will provide you with the most nearby free car. The time of delivery of the car depends on the state of traffic jams.


  • In the morning rush hour, the time of car delivery is about an hour.
  • In the period from ten o'clock in the morning to twenty o'clock in the evening - the car is served for 30 minutes.
  • From twenty in the evening until the morning, the submission is made within five to twenty minutes;

I want to book a taxi to the airport or train station, but do not know how to calculate the travel time?

We want our customers to never be late and do our best to do so. However, customers also need to correctly calculate the travel time to avoid unpleasant situations.


  • If a taxi to the airport Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo, you need in the daytime, call the car is two hours before check-in;
  • If the order to the station at night is made, then you need to contact us an hour before the start of the train;
  • If the check - in or departure of the aircraft falls directly on the rush hour, it is recommended to book a taxi to the airport three hours before the start of registration.


How to calculate the cost of a taxi to the station, the city, the airport, etc.?

We provide fixed fares for travel. Therefore, the cost of ordering a taxi Can be found in special sections on our website.

Is it possible to book a taxi in the Moscow Region?

For us it does not matter where and when the client goes. The main thing to deliver it to the right place. Therefore, ordering a taxi for the ring road are carried out constantly, regardless of whether the call was received day or night.

Is it possible to cancel a taxi order and how best to do it?

Our customers do not cancel orders because we always arrive earlier than promised. However, if you have something happened, you can cancel the order an hour before the car. If the car is already nearby or at your entrance, you have to pay the cost of the minimum trip, which varies from time of day.

If I want to book a taxi to Domodedovo airport, Sheremetyevo or Vnukovo, is it worth paying extra for Luggage?

We care about our customers. Therefore, the price of Luggage is included in the price of the trip. Most often, our passengers themselves count how much they have Luggage. If the volume of the standard trunk is not enough, they order a taxi station wagon. Contact our dispatchers  and they will advise you how to apply, in order to further save money.


В нашем сервисе можно заказать такси онлайн - просто заполните форму заказа, и наш оператор в считанные секунды свяжется с вами.