Lost property

Very often, our dear passengers hurry somewhere. Some of them are late for work, some others to a date, the rest to a meeting. And very often our passanges forget and leave their property in a cab. And that's why there is a common question how to get back their property?

We provide with a taxi service in Moscow for about many years. Our company is proud of its reputation and protects the found items as its own. Most often from the cab lost phones are found, as they tend to fall out of the pocket.  However, the list of lost items is quite impressive, like:

  • Cloths;
  • Mobile phones;
  • Documents;
  • Women bags;
  • Umbrellas;
  • Portfolios; book, etc.

How to get your property back

If you have forgotten things in the taxi "Moskvichka", you need to contact our dispatchers. They need to call the same number on which the taxi was ordered. If you can not call, you can contact us via on-line messages here.

What should be told to the dispatcher?

  • Remember when you booked a taxi, i.e. the approximate date/time of booking;
  • Inform about the address the taxi took you from;
  • Inform about the exact item that was lost or forgotten;
  • It will be helpful to remember the telephone number from which you made the booking;
  • Inform about the telephone number you can be found at a real time;

Cheap taxi in Moscow - it's not just the work we do. We value every passenger, so we always return the found items to the owner. You can trust us with all the most valuable stuff you have and we will not let you down.


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